AGPtek Wireless RF Item Locator Remote, Wallet, Keyfinder (1 Transmitter to 2 Receivers) Book Reviews


Product type: 1 transmitter to 2 receivers Frequency: 433.92 MHz Housing Material: ABS Sound Volume of Receiver: 70dB Operating Distance: 20m

Transmitter Size: 6.5 X 3.2 X 1.1cm Transmitter Weight: 0.5oz Transmitter Battery:CR1632 X 1

Receiver Size: 5.2 X 3.2 X 1.3cm Receiver Weight:0.5oz Receiver Battery:CR2032 X 1 Receiver Color: grey, yellow

How to Use: Match: 1.Turn on the button, it will beep constantly, and press one certain button on the transmitter, it will stop beeping. 2.Use a needle to turn on the first receiver, it will beep constantly. Then push one certain button on the transmitter, LED on and the receiver will stop. 3.LED on the transmitter will light on for a about 4s.Make sure it is off, and you can match the rest receivers to the other buttons.

Note: Please match the receiver one by one, avoiding that one button match several receivers.

Find: Push the corresponding button, when you are searching in the right direction and in operation range, LED on the transmitter will on and you will hear alarm.

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