DUAL SIM adapter for iPhone 5S/6/6S/6plus/6s plus/7 / iPad/ iPod Touch – Get 2 active phone numbers in 1 iPhone – Super slim credit card size – Micro and Nano SIM – Keyfinder – Selfie control Book Reviews

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OUI DUO PLUS is a super slim, credit card size sim adapter it enables two active numbers in one iphone. Insert you working number in OUI Duo Plus, and start making phone calls and text messages. Enjoy your day with only one phone. Carrying two phones is not convenient! It is not fashionable or stylish; it costs a lot and is a waste of space.That's why we created OUI Duo Plus!! OUI Duo Plus is the future of Dual SIM technology. It is a tiny companion device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card, allowing you to add an extra number to your existing smart device via bluetooth. It is designed to fit in your wallet, front pocket, or behind your phone easily. OUI Duo Plus is so small that it is only the size of a CREDIT CARD! OUI Duo Plus is an indispensable Bluetooth-based helper for your iPhone. Once paired with OUI Duo Plus via a specialized App, your iPhone will become Dual SIMs, which allows to make phone calls and send SMS with any SIM card inserted in Duo Plus. For the iOS devices without communication functions such as iPad and iPod Touch, Duo Plus can enable them to become a real phone. Now your iPad and iTouch can do almost everything that an iPhone does. Requirements: Bluetooth 4.0 iOS 7.1 or later Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus iPad 2 and later, iPad mini all series, iPod touch 5 and later